Getting to Chiang Dao

Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao by Bus

Bus runs from around 05:30 – 17:30 (these times are approx) and possibly seasonal check directly with bus company.

  1. Get official taxi from airport to Chang Puak bus station. It’s on the 107 going north from Chiang Mai. Fare 100 – 150 bht. Taxi booth is outside the airport door follow the signs – they will assign you a taxi number . Ignore all other offers of transport.
  2. At Chang Puak ask for Chiang Dao bus ask people they will point you to the right indow to buy a ticket. 40 bht one way. Bus ultimate destination probably Thaton sometimes Fang.
  3. At Chiang Dao get off at the bus station Chiang Dao is long single street there are several bus stops before bus station.
  4. We can pick you up at the bus station for the 7 km drive to the resort by prior agreement 150 bht.

By Taxi

Fare in region 1200 – 1500 bht ask for
At Home Chiang Dao Resort, 253 M5 Chiang Dao, 50170, Chiang Mai Province
If any problem give driver number our mobile number 081-580-7207

Airport Pick-up

1500 bht by prior approval


We make all our own bread include sandwich bread, baguette and ciabatta which we use in the restaurant but is also available to order. We also make our own yoghurt and low sugar jam (from fruit grown in the extensive gardens) and cakes.

Doi Chiang Dao Trek

We can arrange treks up Doi Chiang Dao including sleep one night on the mountain to catch the sunset and sunrise providing transport to start, experienced guides, porters tents, lighting, sleeping bags, food and drink.

Lighter walking

Nature trail and ridge walking behind the resort towards the base of Doi Nuang.

Hot Springs

Local hot springs some 7km from the resort, where you can bathe in various temp baths – no charge.

Chiang Dao Cave

Chiang Dao CaveEasy walk from the resort worth a visit to Wat Tham. Cave system quite extensive 100 caverns or more over 10 – 12 kms but only 5 are available to the public. 40 bht for a basic short trip but 100 bht for guided trip deeper into the caves with lanterns this is the better option. Dress should be respectful as it is monastry site.
Bird watching

Many opportunities for bird watching in the area.

Further Afield

Pha Daeng national park

About 30 min north of Chiang Dao lies the Pha Daeng national park. Here you enjoy the Si Sangwan waterfalls and the Pong Ang hot springs. They are about 3 kms apart and accessible by different entrances. A day ticket to the park is ~100 bht for farangs and much less for locals. You can relax in pools of redirected water from the hot springs. The amount of water in the waterfall is seasonal.

Pha Daeng National Park Map